Easy ‘nduja

Easy ‘Nduja is the true‘ nduja of Spilinga packaged in single-dose sachets and practical resealable packs.

'Nduja is one of the most famous Calabrian products in the world: a soft and spreadable salami, prepared with lard, jowl pork, bacon, lean pork and sun-dried Calabrianspicy chilli, subsequently smoked with oak, olive and acacia wood and then left mature.

The name 'Nduja derives from the French "andouille", meaning "sausage" but in reality it is a cream that draws its vivid red color the spicy taste from the abundant presence of chili pepper, which for many gives the' nduja an aphrodisiac effect.

Tasty and spicy, 'Nduja is an ideal ingredient for simple and elaborate recipes, perfect for a more traditional but surprising style of cooking in giving personality to sophisticated gourmet dishes.

Easy 'Nduja is produced with passion and love according to the traditional Spilinga recipe where all the preparation phases take place, this preparation doesn’t include any additional preservative or coloring.

Easy, yes! Finally easy to store and use, even in small quantities, both in the practical single-dose sachet and in the squeeze format, ideal for decorating your dishes with a touch of red.

The small and convenient single-dose sachets allow you to carry it with you at all times and are ideal for restaurants and pizzerias that want to add a touch of spice to their dishes.

Discover Easy 'Nduja: the new way to enjoy one of the most famous Calabrian food products in the world!