What is it
‘Nduja is one of the most famous Calabrian product in the world: a soft and spreadable salami that draws its vivid red color from the spicy flavor and the abundant presence of chili peppers, which for many gives ‘nduja an aphrodisiac effect. Tasty and spicy, ‘nduja is an ideal ingredient for experiencing the warmth and flavor of typical Calabrian cuisine.

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Easy to use
Easy ‘nduja products are designed to make ‘nduja easy to use and store. The Expo Risto sachet is ideal for adding 10 grams of tasty spread to your sandwich, just as you are used to making with other sauces. The squeeze is designed for cooking enthusiasts or for chefs who will be able to easly garnish the most diverse dishes according to their culinary inspiration. The blister, on the other hand, is a pack with 5 single-dose of 10 gram sachets perfect for families.

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Latest Blog Posts


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